Backyard Birds Patio Pillows

Backyard Birds Patio Pillows

Knitted Pixel Studio introduces the BACKYARD BIRDS a series of decorative patio pillows.
These guys are regulars at most backyard bird feeders.

Six designs to choose from:

*Blue Jay
*Northern Blue Bird
*Red Headed Woodpecker

Price is for one pillow.

*The front of each pillow is a custom knitted image fabric design & made by Knitted Pixel Studio.

After the fabric is knitted we use freehand machine embroidery to bring out more detail and add color.

The pillows are constructed with a colorful outdoor canvas backing & piping. The pillow inserts are made with water resistant nylon. When completed each pillow cover is treated with Kiwi Camp Dry, water repellant spray which makes them water resistance without sacrificing softness.
The pillow covers & inserts are fitted with zippers that make cleaning easier.

The dimensions of each pillow vary slightly with the nature of the image. They measure between 18" & 20" depending on the layout of the image. They are NOT perfectly square.

Processing time is 1-2 weeks


    Our Back Yard Bird Pillows are NOT a custom product.

    • We do accept returns, refunds & exchanges on all of our non-custom items. 
    • You have 10-15 days after receiving the item to contact us. 

    Important information:

    Our knitted image pillows can vary slightly in size and are not always perfectly square. This is due to the design that we use to create the image. To get the most detail we allow the image to dictate the shape & size.  They will range in size from 16” - 24” wide & 16” - 24” long.



    • Your Knitted Image pillow cover is washable. I do advise that you try and spot treat any stains first before washing in the washing machine. Blot, don’t rub. Rubbing the knitted fabric too hard will cause pilling.
    • Laundering instructions are on a tag inside the back zipper. 
    • You MUST remove the pillow cover from the white pillow insert (the part with the stuffing) before laundering. 
    • Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry & use a COOL iron if necessary. 
    • The image on the front is knitted & prone to snags and pulls if not properly cared for, just like a sweater.  

    Orders with-in the US

    • We offer free shipping
    • All custom items are shipped via USPS Express Mail. 
    • We will send you the tracking number when it ships.
    • Smaller non custom items are shipped standard mail unless other wise requested. 
    • Express shipping of smaller non-custom items is possible but must be paid for by the customer. 

    Orders to Canada & UK

    • There is a flat $15 charge for all orders shipping to Canada & the UK.
    • All Custom items are shipped USPS International Mail Service
    • We will provide a tracking number when it ships.